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Happy Growing, Happy Eating!

Lettuces should be crisp or buttery, kale should boast earthy flavors, arugula should be bold and peppery. The fragrance of herbs like basil and rosemary should awaken your senses and get you excited about what you're eating!

At Aranya Farms, we are passionate about growing nutritious produce that pack a punch when it comes to taste. Our leafy greens, vegetables, microgreens, and herbs are sure to bring enthusiasm to food and creativity to your palate.


We hope you enjoy eating our produce as much as we enjoy growing it!

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Fresh from the farm.

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Our organic produce is seasonal and our hydroponic greenhouses can grow year-round. We provide locally grown produce, same day as harvest, no matter the weather.


Food grown locally has fewer steps from source to your table, meaning better food safety. Reduced food miles and a smaller carbon footprint is better for you and better for the environment. 


We use premium quality seeds and nutrients, with zero harmful pesticides to grow clean and nutritious plants in an honest way - just as nature intended.


We grow using sustainable farming methods, saving water and electricity. Being local, the short distribution chain also means the food will stay fresher and taste better for longer once harvested.

Delicious gourmet produce, grown right here in the UAE.


Stuck for dinner ideas?

Click through to find out what delicious meals you can whip up with our produce, as well as simple tips and tricks for how best to enjoy their flavours.

Variety is the spice of life!

We want to introduce new and exciting produce to your grocery lists. Check out our latest harvests to see what we're growing this season.

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